Payment Process

Softinn payment process flow

Step 1: When a payment is made by your guest.
A Payment is made

After the booking is made online, customer will proceed to make full payment to secure a confirm booking from you.

Step 2: 12% commission will be deducted from the total amount received.
Commission will be deducted

12% commission will be deducted from the total booking amount as a commission for Softinn services. Example: RM100-12% commission = RM 88

Step 3: Softinn system will generate a payment statement twice a month.
Monthly statement

We will compile your statement twice a month and send you the softcopy statement via email. We practice Two Pay-out Per Month, as below:

Monthly Pay-out Cut-off Date
First Half 13th of every month
Second Half 27th of every month

The pay-out will be based on the guest’s check-out date. For those bookings with check-out date ranging from 28th of previous month to 13th of the current month will be included in the First Half pay-out of the month. Whereas, for check-out dates happen between 14th to 27th (both inclusive) of the month will then fall into the Second Half pay-out of the month.

Step 4: The payout settlement will be done automatically by Softinn twice a month.
Your earnings payout

Based on the monthly statement, payment will be made, either by online bank transfer or by cheque, to your designated bank account on your behalf (within 5-7 working days after cut-off date).

Step 5: A payment voucher with the bank transfer reference number or cheque number will be send to your email.
Payment Voucher

A payment voucher (with reference No./cheque No.) will be sent to you after the payment is made.

NOTE: Softinn will not perform rounding adjustment on the total amount.

We will not perform rounding adjustment on the total amount. All transactions are computer calculated.

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