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Direct Booking Engine

  • Convert "Lookers" to "Bookers"
  • Accept online booking
  • On-site booking experience

Mobile-friendly booking engine that can be easily installed into your website.

Accept Online Payments

  • Collect full payment before check-in
  • PCI complaint payment gateway
  • No additional payment gateway charges
  • No payment gateway installation fees
  • Fraud management
  • Protect your business from stolen credit card

Credit card + Paypal, E-wallet, Local Online & Offline Banking (Malaysia & Indonesia)

Access Anytime, Anywhere

  • "Stop Selling" with just one click
  • Manage rates and calendar on the go
  • Mobile responsive dashboard

Our Extranet is a mobile-friendly web application where you can easily manage your calendar & bookings with your mobile phones & computers. No VPN required for you to work remotely.

One Ring To Rule Them All

  • Your Branded Website
  • Your Facebook page
  • Your blog
  • Your OTA Partners (LetsGoHoliday, TripAdvisor)

Our booking engine can be installed on any HTML website as well as your Facebook Fan Page. With our server to server integration technology, your room inventories and calendar will be automatically export and distribute on our partner networks - TripAdvisor, Flipkey & etc.

Support Mult-Users and Multi-Properties

  • Support multiple users
  • Support role access control
  • Support multiple properties eg. Hotel Chains & Property Managers

You have full control at Softinn Extranet to invite new users and assign roles. No limit in the total number of users and hotels. If you manage more than one property e.g. Hotel Chains or Property Managers, no logout is required to switch between properties account.

Promotion Code System

  • Create unique offers to different customer segments
  • Create minimum spent discount
  • Create minimum nights discount
  • Create exclusive vouchers for Trade Fair
  • Unique and traceable promo codes for your partners

Self-service Cancellation System

  • Digitize your cancellation policy
  • Guest file for cancellation online (DIY)
  • No more phone calls and emails required for cancellation request
  • Cancellation charges calculated by system

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General FAQ

What is a cloud hotel management system?
A suite of hospitality software products that hosted on the cloud server instead of in-house server or on-premise software. These products are often web-based and are more scalable than traditional hotel systems.
What products make up hotel management system?
Hotel PMS (front desk reservation system), website design, direct booking engine, channel manager, and more.
What is a hotel PMS?
PMS or property management system, is one of the most important tool required to run a hotel business efficiently. It can be used by the front-desk to perform reservation activities such as room availability management, check-in and out, security deposit record, guest profile and more.
What is a direct booking engine?
Direct booking engine or IBE (Internet booking engine) is mainly used by hotels to receive direct booking via their official hotel website, and able to collect online payment such as credit card and online banking directly and securely. A direct booking engine is usually commission-free, hence, it helps hotels to optimize their revenue by paying less commission to OTAs (online travel agents).
What is a channel manager?
Channel manager is a channel management tool used by hotels to sync their inventory availability and pricing across different booking distribution channels such as OTAs, and direct booking engine. It helps to reduce overbooking issues and time needed for hotelier to update inventory manually in different booking channels.
What is the future of Hotel management system?
The future of hotel business will be open and connected. Hoteliers should enjoy the flexibility to connect hotel system with third party tools to enhance productivity and business operations through automated workflow.
Why cloud management system matters for small hotels?
Being on cloud allows you to access your web-based system anytime, anywhere. It can save on-premise server & software license cost; and able to receive free updates over the time.
How to evaluate a reliable hotel software?
The product should have a regional service team that understand your needs or customer success team that are able to assist you timely. The cloud service should always live to serve the users, for example, Microsoft Azure cloud guarantees 99.99% uptime.