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Direct booking engine for hotels

Direct Booking Engine

  • Convert "Lookers" to "Bookers"
  • Accept online booking
  • On-site booking experience

Softinn Extranet provides you a code that you copy and paste onto your website. Start accepting direct booking within 5 minutes. Extranet supports any HTML website (Wordpress, Weebly, Blogspot etc) and it's mobile friendly. Once installed, it will display your room rates and availability in real time. This allows your visitors to make reservations quickly (reducing phone enquiries).

Accept Online Payments

  • Collect full payment before check-in
  • PCI compliant payment gateway
  • No additional payment gateway charges
  • No payment gateway installation fees
  • Fraud management
  • Protect your business from stolen credit card

Softinn takes all the hassle out of accepting secure credit card payments online and bank transfers. Full payment will be collected on your behalf from your guest via our secure payment infrastructure (PCI Compliant Solution with Fraud Management against stolen credit cards). Settlement will be done twice a month based upon guest check-out and will automatically be bank-in to your registered bank account. 12% transaction fees will be imposed on every successfully paid booking generated.

Accept payment online for your hotel bookings
Mobile responsive solution for your hotel manager

Access Anywhere, Anytime

  • "Stop Selling" with just one click
  • Manage rates and calendar on the go
  • Mobile responsive dashboard

Our Extranet is a mobile friendly web application, you can easily manage your calendar & bookings with your mobile phones & computers. No VPN required for you to work remotely.

One Ring To Rule Them All

  • Your Branded Website
  • Your Facebook Page
  • Your Blog
  • Your OTA Partners (TripAdvisor & Flipkey etc)

Our booking engine can be installed on any HTML website as well as your Facebook Fan Page. With our server to server integration technology, your room inventories and calendar will be automatically export and distribute on our partner networks - TripAdvisor, Flipkey & etc.

Sell your rooms on Facebook, Website, Blogs and OTAs
Multiuser hotel management system

Support Multi-Users and Multi-Properties

  • Support multiple users
  • Support role access control
  • Support multiple properties e.g. Hotel Chains & Property Managers

You have full control at Softinn Extranet to invite new users and assign roles. No limit in the total number of users and hotels. If you manage more than one property e.g. Hotel Chains or Property Managers, no logout is required to switch between properties account.

Sync Calendar

  • Google Calendar

Worry of overbook? Sync your calendar from your favourite OTAs. Softinn Extranet supports any OTAs with iCAL exporting technology.

Softinn import AirBnB calendar, iCAL Softinn import iCAL calendar from Sync calendar from Google Calender for bnb business
Support calendar sync from AirBnB, etc
Specially customized for your hotel

Specially Customized For Your Hotel

  • Create & Accept Promo Code
  • Colour Scheme Fits Your Brand Identity

Probably the most hotel brand-friendly booking engine ever created; run any creative and seasonal promotions for new or loyal customers. Not only you can define the discount amount, you can create your own unique promo code like ILOVEABC.

What hoteliers say

From our humble begining, they have trusted us and invested time in learning our tools.

"Your room booking system is reliable and trusted, efficient service!"
Hotel Weilia from Malacca
"All reservation can be easily managed. The system is detailed and also secured."
Century Hotel Resort Group from Langkawi
"We've chosen Softinn for its user-friendly system and good track record"
Raj Krishnan
MyHotel from Kuala Lumpur

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NO set-up fee

NO annual fee

NO payment gateway integration fee

NO payment transaction charges

NO charges on SMS & email sent

NO .com domain and website hosting fee

NO hidden monthly fees

NO charges for distribution to our partner networks (TripAdvisor,Flipkey Á, etc.)

ONLY 12% transactions fees on each paid booking (zero fees for tools included)

Trusted by over 1,000 happy customers who run Hotels & Lodges with us.

No commitment, no setup fees, no monthly fees.