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Your customers make a reservation with you on or our partner networks (TripAdvisor, Flipkey, etc). Softinn will collect the full payment on your behalf.


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Your room inventory and calendar will be updated automatically.


Customer check-in with the booking tickets provided.


Check your statements online. Softinn will bank-in the payment to your bank account automatically. We perform settlement twice a month automatically. Zero settlement fees.

Softinn payout settlement will automatically bank in to merchant account.

What BnB hosts say

From our humble begining, they have trusted us and invested time in learning our tools.

"Professional customer service with personal interaction with guest and home owners."
Ginger's Homestay from Malacca
"All reservation can be easily managed. The system is detailed and also secured."
Mr.Loh Wee Chin
A'Famosa Malacca Title Homestay at Malacca
"Highly recommended for muslim host."
Ahmad Faizal basri
Sangka Baik Enterprise from Kuala Lumpur

What's The Cost?

NO set-up fee

NO annual fee

NO payment gateway integration fee

NO payment transaction charges

NO charges on SMS & email sent

NO .com domain and website hosting fee

NO hidden monthly fees

NO charges for distribution to our partner networks (TripAdvisor,Flipkey Á, etc.)

ONLY 12% transactions fees on each paid booking (zero fees for tools included)

No Overbook

No Overbook

Import your calendar from AirBnB, etc using our iCAL Calendar Import Tool.

No Overbook

Booking Request Flow

Support booking request flow if you prefer approve-based booking over instant booking.

Sell More

Sell More

Broadcast your property which listed on to our partners (TripAdvisor, Flipkey etc) which bring more bookings to you without the worry of overbook.

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