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Rangkaian Hotel Seri Malaysia

From 0 to 12% Direct Booking Within 30 Days

Hotel Seri Malaysia is the largest mid-range hotel chain in Malaysia. They have hotels in 21 locations with more than 2000 rooms in total.

In the year 2016, the hotel chain decided to sign-up with Softinn Solution to help boost direct booking from internet. The first thing Softinn did was to revamp the old website. New design, layout and fully functional booking engine has been implemented into the website, to enable internet users to book the room directly from their laptop or smartphone.

The new design with much more intuitive functions and attractive pictures helps to drive more traffic to the website and this increase the chances of people actually make a booking through the website itself.

Within a month, the direct booking from the new website grew 12%, traffic increased 16% and the daily page view grew more than 200%. The new website with the booking engine helps to increase the overall sales of Hotel Seri Malaysia.

Now, Hotel Seri Malaysia Sales Team is using Softinn's Promo Code System to optimize their revenue and increase occupancy rate. Learn how much OTA commission you can save by selling direct.

At Softinn, we strongly believe that every hotel should think about how they market their brand and bring more value to their customer rather than just compete merely on price.

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The Aswana Bali Seminyak

New Boutique Hotel in the Heart of Bali Seminyak

The Aswana Bali Seminyak is an amazing boutique hotel located in the heart of Bali Seminyak, Indonesia. It's in close proximity (5 - 7 mins walk) to the beach, and to some of the best restaurants and entertainment hotspots. For coffee lovers, the hotel is just few steps away from the famous Pison Cafe.

The owner decided to run his own hotel branded website because he saw potential of growing his own fans based for his hotel organically instead of relying fully on OTAs.

As a brand new hotel, The Aswana Bali Seminyak use Softinn products to increase their online presence and to engage their fans on social media.

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