User-Friendly Hotel Website

Bringing out the unique identity of your hotel

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Specially Customized For Your Hotel

  • Colour scheme which fits your brand identity
  • Better user experience for your guests with our website experts
  • Optimized to increase booking conversion

Probably the most hotel brand-friendly booking engine ever created; run any creative and seasonal promotions for new or loyal customers. Not only you can define the discount amount, you can create your own unique promo code like ILOVEABC.

Customized for your hotel

Mobile-Responsive Design

  • Ensure easy navigation within your website regardless of devices
  • Easier to keep your visitors engaged when your website is responsive
  • Visitors will not have to zoom or pinch their screen size for browsing

Half of the traffic of top websites came from mobile devices since 2015. It's typically important for companies to have websites that are mobile responsive so that users don't encounter bad browsing experience.

Mobile-responsive design

Generate Sales Lead for MICE & Packages

  • Add unlimited MICE and Packages on your hotel site
  • Well-thought inquiry forms to collect the information you need
  • Receive email notification on each lead generated from the forms

With the increasing demand of companies or organizations out-sourcing venues for their corporate meetings and events, this feature would be helpful if your hotel offers these packages widely.

Generate sales lead for MICE & Packages

Update Latest Promotion Easily

  • Update your promotional posters independently with Softinn CMS, without the help of technical expertise
  • Pre-schedule your promotional banner to be shown accordingly
  • Auto hide expired promotions from your hotel website

We understand how discouraging it is to come across a good deal just to find out that it has been expired or worse, to find out that the promotion hasn't even started! Define your promotion start and end date in Softinn CMS and watch as it magically does the job.

Update latest promotion easily

Integrated with Softinn Booking Engine

  • Booking engine which works 24/7 giving your visitors the flexibility to book anytime they want
  • Increase revenue by selling add-ons and packages with our new upsell feature
  • Smart booking engine which auto fills in promo code when booking meets the criteria you have defined in Softinn Extranet

No more letting your website visitors go just in vain. With your hotel website integrated with Softinn Booking Engine, we're ready to convert "lookers" to "bookers".

Integrated with Softinn booking engine

Faster Page Load Speed

  • Carefully optimized to increase the loading speed of your web pages
  • Faster loading speed help build confidence needed to surrender billing information
  • Increase booking conversions, faster
  • Ensure smooth browsing experience without throttling

Website speed has always been an important factor for online booking as it oftens affect the emotion and impulse of users especially when it requires their patience. To ensure a satisfied user experience, we always put loading speed at high priority.

Faster page load speed

Your hotel deserves a better website

Don't make your excellent guest experience go to waste. Complement it with a new and better hotel website.

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General FAQ

What is a cloud hotel management system?
A suite of hospitality software products that hosted on the cloud server instead of in-house server or on-premise software. These products are often web-based and are more scalable than traditional hotel systems.
What products make up hotel management system?
Hotel PMS (front desk reservation system), website design, direct booking engine, channel manager, and more.
What is a hotel PMS?
PMS or property management system, is one of the most important tool required to run a hotel business efficiently. It can be used by the front-desk to perform reservation activities such as room availability management, check-in and out, security deposit record, guest profile and more.
What is a direct booking engine?
Direct booking engine or IBE (Internet booking engine) is mainly used by hotels to receive direct booking via their official hotel website, and able to collect online payment such as credit card and online banking directly and securely. A direct booking engine is usually commission-free, hence, it helps hotels to optimize their revenue by paying less commission to OTAs (online travel agents).
What is a channel manager?
Channel manager is a channel management tool used by hotels to sync their inventory availability and pricing across different booking distribution channels such as OTAs, and direct booking engine. It helps to reduce overbooking issues and time needed for hotelier to update inventory manually in different booking channels.
What is the future of Hotel management system?
The future of hotel business will be open and connected. Hoteliers should enjoy the flexibility to connect hotel system with third party tools to enhance productivity and business operations through automated workflow.
Why cloud management system matters for small hotels?
Being on cloud allows you to access your web-based system anytime, anywhere. It can save on-premise server & software license cost; and able to receive free updates over the time.
How to evaluate a reliable hotel software?
The product should have a regional service team that understand your needs or customer success team that are able to assist you timely. The cloud service should always live to serve the users, for example, Microsoft Azure cloud guarantees 99.99% uptime.