All-in-One Solutions for Your Airbnb Management Business

(Starting from RM 50 per Active Property)

More properties. More rental revenues. Less manual work.

Channel Manager
Channel Manager

Sync your calendar and price with more than 40 OTAs (AirBnB,, Agoda etc.). Prevent overbooking while increasing visibility.

Property Management System
Property Management System

Sync and manage bookings in one place. Manage the day-to-day operations and automatically generate reports for the property owners.

Booking Engine
Booking Engine

Pocket more money by increasing your direct bookings with zero added commission. Reply WhatsApp sales inquiries automatically, while you are asleep, with a link to book.

Integrated Sales Channel

Increase your properties visibility and reach more travelers
Speedy Booker
eDreams ODIGEO
Simple Booking

Our Product Perks

Profit-sharing Scheme

Setup Profit-sharing Scheme for the Property Owner

Set up the service contract for each property owners. For the revenue share, choose between profit-sharing, sublet and guaranteed return.

For the cost-splitting, set the split for each bill (e.g. internet, utilities, cable TV, maintenance, etc.).

Sales and Monthly Statement

Track Sales and Generate Monthly Statement

Our solutions sync reservations from Airbnb, track sales, record expenses, and generate a monthly statement for both you and the property owners. What’s included:

  • Statement for the property owner
  • Revenue & Expenses breakdown
  • Property owner login and dashboard
  • Schedule recurring email
Ready to Scale

Ready to Scale - We make your business growth ready

  • Support multiple properties
  • Support multiple users and control access based on rules
  • Support remote working
  • Integrations with accounting software and door lock system
OTA Connection and Rates Plan Mapping

Faster OTA Connection and Rates Plan Mapping

Sign up to new OTA? Have you listed a new unit on Airbnb? You may go live quicker with our user intuitive OTA connection setup wizard and rates plan mapping system.

Manage all Your Vacation Rental Listings

Save your time and be in control

Get a free 14 days trial. Try it before you decide; no commitment. Free consultation included.

General FAQs

What software Airbnb management cohost needs to operate the business?
  • Property Management System (PMS) – to manage reservations, guest check-ins and track payments.
  • Channel Manager – to sync calendar and price rate across multiple OTAs (Online Travel Agencies)
  • Booking Engine – to receive the online booking and payment. Reduce the phone calls and messages needed. Work 24/7.
How does Airbnb cohost calculate the revenue split between themselves and the property owner?

Use a PMS that has a profit-share and expenses-share calculator. Tracking revenue and expenses can be tedious and prone to human error. Softinn service-contract module helps calculate the revenue split and the costs split and generate a statement for the property owner.

Why does Airbnb Management pay for software?

Having the right Airbnb Management Software helps you automate many processes, and at the same time, you can focus on providing value to the customers, bring more sales and grow your business. Most importantly, cohosts who use automation and tools get to focus on scaling the company instead of operating the business.

How to pick a good Airbnb Management Software?

We highly recommend you to pick one that provides all-in-one solutions.

  • Offer profit-sharing module service for contract setup between hosts and owners so you can easily record the sharing arrangements and generate reports
  • Provide essential accounting reports. User-friendly, easy to understand, easy to keep track of rental income, expenses etc
  • Integrates with OTAs that you are using
Why can't we manage it manually?

Airbnb cohosts can always manage their properties manually, BUT handling multi-properties owned by others is not easy. Managing it manually without using tools and software will cost you more and manual works are prone to human errors.