Hotel Channel Manager

Use a channel manager in order to spend your time efficiently and effectively, manage all your distribution channels on a single platform

Sync room allotment and price to OTAs (e.g Agoda,, etc.)

Reduce the hassle faced by front desk through automation

Eliminate the risk of overbooking
Improve your hotel’s online presence
Increase revenue by selling at maximum inventory

Eliminate Overbooking

  • No more worrying about overbooking and double booking
  • Avoid human error by reducing manual input
  • Avoid reputational damage from overbooking cases

Establish a reputable brand that offers the best guest experience.

Real Time Inventory Update

  • Available rooms are updated automatically across all OTAs
  • Shared inventory between all booking channels
  • Real time update as the room is sold

Hassle free. Save time by reducing manual entry.

Offer Best Room Rate & Sell at Maximum

  • View the rate plan mappings in one page
  • Updated rates synced to the connected OTAs
  • View which channel is performing best

Control your own room rate and make data-driven decisions.

Optimize Hotel Online Visibility

  • Allow hotel to connect to most of the popular sales channels
  • Build strong hotel online brand image
  • Target audiences all over the world

Go digital with Channel Manager and increase global reach.

Integration With Softinn PMS

  • A centralized point for all your distribution channels, no multiple logins needed.
  • Quickly update room rates for different OTAs on a single page
  • Automatically sync room allotment with PMS

Handle all your bookings from a centralized point.

Smart Distribution

  • Two-way integration
  • Reservation auto import to PMS
  • Simplify distribution with channel mapping

Instantly manage all your distribution channels in a single platform.

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Seamless Integration with Property Management System

Easily connect to your ideal distribution channels

Hotel Channel Manager

Truly maximise your room inventory and revenues with smart distribution channels.

Property Management System (PMS)

User-friendly hotel front desk system with all the essential features to enhance your hotel operational efficiency.
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