Property Management System (PMS)

Cloud PMS, for forward thinking hoteliers.

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Real-time Room Status

  • Refreshes every minute to give you the latest room status
  • Search available room easily and create reservation
  • Show next and upcoming arrival
  • Mobile-friendly interface for you to check the status even when you're away from your desk

Clear and straightforward room status in one page make it easier for your hotelier to track and view the latest room status at one glance.

Real-time room status

Organize Guest Lists For Arrival Or Departure

  • Easily accessible arrival, departure and in-house guest list
  • Check-in and out guest in one simple click
  • Access guest folio swiftly for your in-house and departure guests
  • Export arrival guest list to Excel for front-desk check-in purposes

Keep track on guests arriving and departing from your hotel at the time of day.

Organize guest list

Comprehensive Guest Folio

  • Auto add room chargers upon create reservations
  • Smart calculation to balance your account
  • Support sending receipt to your guest email directly

Our guest folio is designed to promote transparency in recording all payment charges and refund to prevent embezzlement. Each action and transaction is recorded including deleting a payment or charges.

Comprehensive guest folio

Auto Sync Bookings From Other OTAs*

  • Sync with your favourite OTAs such as, Airbnb, Agoda and more
  • Auto record all your reservation details, saving more manpower by eliminating manual updates
  • Enhance your hotel's operational efficiency

* Additional monthly subscription fee payable to Channel Manager (SiteMinder)

Auto sync bookings from other OTAs

Manage Multiple Properties In One

  • Create groups for your multiple properties
  • View accumulative data of your properties at one place
  • Enable and disable group at anytime without affecting the data of the actual properties

Have more than one property to manage? Tired of switching between accounts? You won't have to anymore with our group property feature. View the accumulative data of your group properties in one single place.

Manage multiple properties

User Activity Log

  • Include detailed date and time where action takes place
  • Track back records from the beginning of time

We believe trust is important among team members but not everyone thinks the same. Here comes the user activity log. View actions executed by your colleagues or staff for better work efficiency.

User activity log

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Property Management System (PMS)

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General FAQ

What is a hotel PMS?
PMS or property management system, is one of the most important tool required to run a hotel business efficiently. It can be used by the front-desk to perform reservation activities such as room availability management, check-in and out, security deposit record, guest profile and more.
How to pick a good channel manager?
A good channel manager is one that is connected to high number of online booking channels, for example, SiteMinder's channel manager is connected to more than 600 channels. Accuracy of inventory update is another thing to take into consideration.

It should also be integrated with the PMS that you're using. Softinn PMS is integrated with SiteMinder's channel manager.